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This is the smallest museum collection in terms of the number of exhibits, but it is without doubt the largest in terms of scope and complexity. It includes six vessels:

1. The gaeta "Perina", built in 1857 in Trogir, one of the oldest preserved vessels on the Adriatic in general,

2. A Neretva “lađa” (boat), made in 1934 in Komin, probably the oldest originally preserved Neretva lađa,

3. A Neretva “trupica” (riverboat) made in 1954 in Komin,

4. The batana (small wooden boat) "Tonči", built in 1950 in Split, one of the oldest preserved batanas on the Adriatic in general,

5. The bow of the steamer "Bakar", built in England in 1938,

6. The fishing boat "Streljko", built in 1938 in Šibenik, armed and converted into the patrol boat "P22" of the Partisan Navy during WWII; today the only surviving ship of the Partisan Navy from the Second World War and a rarity even beyond the borders of Croatia.

The gatea "Perina" is the first ship that was registered as a cultural good in the Register of Cultural Monuments of the Republic of Croatia in 2000 thanks to the efforts of the museum staff.



Collection Manager: M.Sc. Stjepan Lozo, museum advisor

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