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Watercolors of different types of sailing ships, oil paintings of steamships and naval battles, portraits of captains, works of art by renowned Croatian marine painters (Bartul Bazi Ivanković, Ivan Mirković, Vinko Foretić, Vjekoslav Parać, Jerolim Miše, Joko Knežević...) all make up the Museum's Collection of Fine Arts.

Among the oldest works in the Collection, it is worth highlighting the watercolor on paper Galea Veneziana Capitania (a depiction of a Venetian galley from the 17th century) and the watercolor - gouache on paper depicting the sailing ship La Sacra famiglia, signed N. Scotti, from 1784.

Also part of the Collection are four works of art depicting the Battle of Vis in 1866, created in a period from the second half of the 19th century until the 1950s. These are: Battle of Vis 1866, color lithograph on paper, by Franz Kollarz; Battle of Vis, oil on canvas, signed A. Zieger; Battle of Vis, oil on canvas, signed L. Rocchi; Italian Fleet Assaulting Vis 1866, oil on canvas, by Vinko Foretić.

Along with 32 oils on cardboard by the Austro-Hungarian marine painter Alexander Kircher (1867 – 1939), which depict the ships of many world navies at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Museum also holds eight works by another great painter of the Adriatic and the ships sailing it - Johann Seits (1887 – 1967).

Collection Manager: Ljubomir Radić, senior curator

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